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Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Flyworld Money Exchange Pty Ltd. is registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission and it’s Australian Company Number is 600 529 379.

Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre

Flyworld Money Exchange Pty Ltd. is also registered under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 and regulated by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre 'AUSTRAC' bearing registration number : 100 38 4887.

Management and Board of Directors

Flyworld Money Exchange is a young and vibrant company with a solid leadership of experienced entrepreneurs in the business segment of international money transfer in Australia. It has four directors who are all residents of Australia and are actively involved in company matters.

Company Prospective

With the continuing growth of migrant population in Australia, the need for money transfer has also increased rapidly. Flyworld Money Exchange aim to serve the huge population of Indians in Australia by providing the best exchange rate combined with quality service in fastest way possible.

Flyworld Money Exchange operates under the strict guidance of AUSTRAC and also uses state of the art online identity verification system for the clients. We use the latest secure technologies as our infrastructure backbone to ensure each and every transaction is secure and safe.

Enhanced ID verification Systems

The term 'enhanced due-diligence' officially means applying a rigorous and robust process of investigation over and above normal AML/KYC procedures, primarily taking reasonable steps to verify and validate a customer's identity. It's the regulatory obligation of Flyworld Money to understand and monitor a customer's profile, business and account activity, specifically identifying irregular adverse information such as suspected fraud, money-laundering and/or terrorist financing. An "enhanced due diligence" approach is designed by Flyworld Money to support actionable decisions to mitigate financial fraud, regulatory and reputational risk, as well as ensuring legal/regulatory compliance.

Flyworld Money maintains a high quality bespoke global enhanced due-diligence compliance Reporting, when it determines there is a high risk in ML/TF risk. Flyworld Money takes all necessary steps to analyze, verify, clarify and update any KYC information about a customer and monitor their transaction closely and report any suspicious matter to AUSTRAC.

Security and Quality Assurance Flyworld Money proposes to protect the integrity and stability of international financial system by cutting off the resources made available to the terrorists and making it more difficult to those who are engaged in crime to make profit from their criminal activity. As a responsible business, Flyworld Money has stringent policies and procedures to counterterrorism financing and money laundering.

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